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Class 8 – Recap

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It was Class #8 for Yvonne and Hartley and Class #2 for Callie ..


Class 7 – Fun!

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I asked Yvonne how she would classify today’s class … and she immediately shouted out … Fun!


Class 6 – Depth

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Our first five classes on Friday afternoons were over, and we renewed for another five classes – to be continued on Saturday mornings.


Class 5- Perspective

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Today we finished the pictures we started in Class 4 … and (at least for me) try to gain perspective in the pictures.


Picture 01 – Mountainscape

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Oh Boy! I found a new hobby … oil painting …

Here’s my first attempt.


Class 4 – Trees

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By the way .. we decided to further our classes into the 10 class course! We are having a ball!


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