Class 26 – Tulabi Falls

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Today’s picture was all about Tulabi Falls, Nopiming Provincial Park, in Manitoba. Tulabi Falls drains into Bird River which hooks up and basically besides Bird Lake – which my Class 25 water exercise painting was all about.

I think the general idea of painting Tulabi Falls was to give the art class “homework”, as this was a much more difficult picture to paint – or rather a much more complicated scenery picture with more details – and there will not be a class next week as our art teacher Guy St. Godard will be an exhibitor at the Manitoba Art Expo October 26-28, 2012 at the Assiboine Downs, #Winnipeg. If you are in the area .. check it out! There are lots of great artwork to discover, and for sale.

My Inspiration

Guy had several pictures to choose from. The one that other members of the class were painting was a nice scene but focused on birch trees in front of the lake and the falls were in the background. I saw the picture that had the falls in the foreground, and I figured…
* (1) if I was going to paint a “Tulabi Falls” painting that I should focus on the “Falls” … and
* (2) there was more green in this picture and I wanted to use up some of my green and brown acrylic paint colours

Here is the picture:

Here’s My Painting – Tulabi Falls – 10″x16″ canvas board

I ran out of my usual 11″x17″ canvas boards and decided to use the smaller 10″x16″ board instead from my inventory of 16″x20″ boards. And, usually, with acrylic paints I can mix my paints decently enough to create greens and browns but I did happen to have green and brown acrylic paint in my arsenal lunch kit so, it helped speed up the painting. It gave me enough time to try different techniques on a smaller canvas, using different types and sizes of paint brushes that I might not use with a larger canvas to paint on. I think I was about 85% complete this time when wishes to paint a ‘better looking falls’ and ‘more 3D depth trees and brushery’ I almost ruined my painting. But, then I got out my handy spatula and I think made this look 10 times better!

What do you think?

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