Class 17 – S. S. HARTLEY

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The object of today’s art class .. was, well – to include an object in a scenery scene! This is the picture a few of us would be painting or sketching:

The Inspiration

> > Yeah! I know, Right? Doesn’t that make you think of Gilligan’s Island?

Actually … I could suggest we have our art teacher as The Captain, we have a couple of friends who could be suggested as The Millionaire and his wife, and we have a couple of sisters who could be suggested to be Mary Anne and Ginger too! The only question to figure out would be .. am I GILLIGAN?? or the PROFESSOR?!??

Here’s What I Painted

I call this picture of the S.S. HARTLEY because that’s what I painted along side on this fatal boat crash … just like the S. S. MINNOW!

I didn’t paint any creatures or people on this deserted island .. I presumed we all probably just drowned or, are partying on the other side of the island! 😀

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