The Amazing Balloon Race

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Well … Art Classes are over … I am knee deep in work …. I am training for the Fargo Marathon May long weekend … and I figured it was time for a little stress release … painting!!

But first … a couple of “ughs” to get out of my system….

*ugh* #1 – Unfortunately, after my last painting class … I forgot to clean out my brushes and I have to find some sort of paint brush cleaner because half of my “good” brushes that I like, seem ruined .. 🙁

*ugh* #2 – I thought I would resurrect my “Speed Painting” videos, that I stopped before my second round of Art Classes, but it seems that I managed to break my Tripod that holds my camera that allows me to record myself, and I find myself in the need to purchase a new one 🙁

And now … moving on!

I started to paint this picture while watching “The Amazing Race”, and took a break to let the dogs outside and out back, in front of the adjacent apartment complex .. some idiot was cranking his car stereo playing “99 Red Balloons” song. That’s when I decided to add 99 balloons to my painting! Of course, after I put a few on I realized that 7 balloons was probably enough.

Sooooooooo … watching The Amazing Race .. thinking of 99 Balloons … hence the name of this painting!

The Amazing Balloon Race

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