Class 14 – Object Sketch and Paint – Petunias

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I was dreading this week’s class because last week the plan was to try to paint the Northern Lights – which, I did on Class 11, the last class I took back in December 2010. Not that I was dreading the painting part, but I figured I would just paint something else instead in class, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to paint!

Well, it was another object sketch and paint exercise. This time, there was a bowl filled with water and petunias on a table with a bright light hovering over it giving shadows, and depending on where we sat. The object of the exercise was to sketch the bowl in our sketchbook, and then sketch it again on canvas and paint it. Now, I’m quite lazy so I chose to just go ahead and sketch and paint as I go along!

The Original

This is cool. Guy St. Goddard went around to everybody’s point of view where the flowers were in the bowl along with shadows, and took a picture .. and then printed it out on a mini photo printer instantly! Mega cool, and this is the picture I saw and, was to draw.

This Is What I Painted!

I honestly don’t think I “nailed” it, as I did spend time trying to fix the petunias and give it some texture and depth and color and actually make it look like petunias. But, I do like what I did with the leaves and such. At the end, I find it amusing to ‘make it my own’ and added a little fish in the water, and a swarm of birds on the trees seen outside the window in the tree! Naturally, we are inside a room, with the light switch (which I might have cut off slightly while scanning the painting) 😀

Anyway, here is what I painted on a 12″x16″ canvas board.

I Also Painted This!

I had about 20 minutes left when I finally “gave up” and placed my initials on the above painting – so I didn’t ruin it with more paint – so I could have packed my bags and hung around, or get another canvas started. However, I didn’t want to “start” something and not finish it, so what I did was take one of my 4″x6″ mini canvas boards and try to paint it again! And, I did – in 12 minutes actually 😀 I almost like the end result better than the first one, which took me about 1-1/2 hours to paint.

UPDATE – December 18, 2015

I am renaming this little mini 4″ x 6″ painting “PETUNIAS FOR JESSE” … Jesse He is a friend on Facebook that is an inspiration to me for many reasons and levels that I dedicate this picture to her, and wish her to have the original.

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