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Class 21 – Pelicans In Water

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Today … was the final class for this year’s 2012 Ten Classes with Guy St. Godard, which was my wife’s Christmas 2011 present to me – and, my 21st class overall since fall 2010.


Class 20 – Spruce Trees Spruce Trees

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Today, before I even had an idea what to paint, I figured I would probably finish painting two pictures today. Bur, rather than start two different pictures … I wanted to expand on my “Tree’age” theme (where I painted three 8″x 8″ canvas boards side by side) and this time paint two 12″x 16″ canvas boards side by side!


Class 19 – Lightning Strike and The Shot

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I was wondering if I wanted to paint some birch trees this week, or go through my arsenal of pictures I thought would be cool to paint that I keep in my suitcase. I chose the latter!


Class 18 – Tornado Watch

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Class 17 was two weeks ago. I took last week off to help give me more time to complete tasks required for my offline ‘day’ job (which, I can’t quit yet :D). I felt rusty, tired, and quite honestly .. not in the mood to paint!


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