Class 20 – Spruce Trees Spruce Trees

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Today, before I even had an idea what to paint, I figured I would probably finish painting two pictures today. Bur, rather than start two different pictures … I wanted to expand on my “Tree’age” theme (where I painted three 8″x 8″ canvas boards side by side) and this time paint two 12″x 16″ canvas boards side by side!

I drank a lot of coffee and bottled water today, and excused myself to go to the washroom before I started painting, and got my inspiration: A vase that had 1/3 bottom painted dark brown and the top 2/3 was light brown with silhouettes of desert type of trees around in a circle. I thought maybe I can paint some desert oasis or maybe camels and something like that.

So, I started to paint my background and thought instead of light brown, maybe I can make this desert picture have a sunrise or sunset and started to add some yellow and orange to the “sky”. During class, however, our teacher Guy St. Goddard was help guiding others in the class how to paint spruce trees – something I am not that good at doing – and stopped to watch and learn! I then decided that I needed practice with my ‘script’ paintbrush and need to know how to paint spruce trees … and there you go! Through out the time painting, I was receiving suggestions what might make the spruce trees interesting, like the large ones coming down to the bottom, the smaller ones inbetween the large ones, and the ones off to the right covering the horizon line.

Here’s what they Look Like Together (camera)

Spruce Trees – Left Side (scan)

Spruce Trees – Right Side (scan)

(sorry for scan appears to be cut off slightly on the far right end)

Spruce Trees – side by Side (scans)

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