Class 18 – Tornado Watch

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Class 17 was two weeks ago. I took last week off to help give me more time to complete tasks required for my offline ‘day’ job (which, I can’t quit yet :D). I felt rusty, tired, and quite honestly .. not in the mood to paint!

But, it was a smaller class and I came to paint. One of the things we had planned to cover was painting a scene where there are close ups of birch trees but when I saw the photograph image of it … I didn’t want to paint it! Well, it’s not that I didn’t want to paint the birch trees … it was that I didn’t want to RUIN my next birch tree painting because I wasn’t in the mood to paint today! I’ll paint them next week 😀

This Week’s Challenge

So, my art teacher asked what I wanted to paint today …. and I didn’t know. However, I did want to still be challenged, so I asked him to pick TWO colors and today I will paint something ~wonderful~ with these two colors and have some fun and get back into painting!

He picked Light Blue, and dark green colors that I had.

It’s On!

I was about half way through painting some greenish blueish skyline with some clouds but, really didn’t know where I was going with it. Then, other class members started talking about the sad tornado news that had happened this week after the aftermath of a string of destructive tornadoes that left 13 people dead from Nebraska to Kentucky USA. And, before you know it my hand was swirling around like a tornado on a page and … this is what I did!

Remember – it’s just with two colors, light blue and green, although I also used white acrylic paint as well.

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