Class 5- Perspective

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Today we finished the pictures we started in Class 4 … and (at least for me) try to gain perspective in the pictures.

We painted the sky and water and rough outline of the trees last week, and this week we finished the detail of the trees and the rocks in the water before the trees and land. I can’t say enough how much fun it is to know some “details” in how to paint trees, yet so frustrating not being able to really do the detail. Or, I should say for me that is .. Yvonne has a steadier hand than I and I think I have to work on the details more. I hope to take a canvas and just practice my tree making.

Meanwhile, I started another picture but it too, was not finished. This exercise really focused on perspective. I am painting a barn in a field, with some fence posts, shadows and possibly a fall or winter scene (it’s only half done at the moment). Perspective is interesting if you keep an eye and focus on where the horizon is – outside both directions of the actual painting .. and watch your lines. It also helps to sketch an outline 🙂

Yvonne did not start a new painting and was finishing up touches of the current painting, pictured below. There may be final edits to these images still but I wanted to scan them before putting away.

Yvonne’s Painting these final two classes

HART’s Painting these final two classes

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