Class 21 – Pelicans In Water

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Today … was the final class for this year’s 2012 Ten Classes with Guy St. Godard, which was my wife’s Christmas 2011 present to me – and, my 21st class overall since fall 2010.

Last week I thought it would be appropriate, if my “Mentor” would pick out the picture that I would paint this final class, rather than me doing ~my thing~ and often going off on tangents before finalizing my painting 😀

Guy had a few choices for me:

a) the first, was actually one that I had already painted back in “Class 8 – Recap” (the one with the tractor)
b) the second, knowing my fear of painting a forest of trees had about a thousand birch trees in it
c) the third (after noticing the fear in my eyes of the tree scene) was the Pelican scene … to which, (kindly) recommended I paint that one.

Pelicans sounded good, because in one of my FIRST paintings I did in “Class 3 – Basics” I added a pelican sitting on a rock watching fish jump out of the lake … and, having a cottage at Victoria Beach where there are a lot of pelicans around – it seemed appropriate!

Here’s The Original Pelican Picture I Was Painting

Here’s My Pelican Picture That I Painted

Note: I carefully and deliberately call this painting “Pelicans In Water” because although the object of this class was for me to paint Pelicans, I was really struggling trying to get a good “lake” picture where the pelicans were gathering! I must have done it about 3-4 times before I just figured to keep adding color and horizontal’ish lines until I was happy with it or – or, rather not unhappy with it! Oh – about the detail of the pelicans … :Pttttftffftt !! That’s my style of painting and I’m happy with that 😀

Future of taking ART Classes

Guy St. Godard offers art classes up to end of June and begins once again in September, then again in January. Because I am an accountant and income tax preparer, I will not be extending my classes (although I would like to) because of work and deadline obligations. But, there is a great probability that I will be continuing after the summer break in September and maybe see if I can find another “painting buddy” to spend an afternoon or evening painting with! Meanwhile, I am sure to follow Guy around the paint and craft shows he may be attending, as well as a regular visit to his booth at the St. Norbert Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning here in Winnipeg, or rather St. Norbert – just south of the Perimeter on Pembina Highway.

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