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Class 14 – Object Sketch and Paint – Petunias

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I was dreading this week’s class because last week the plan was to try to paint the Northern Lights – which, I did on Class 11, the last class I took back in December 2010. Not that I was dreading the painting part, but I figured I would just paint something else instead in class, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to paint!


Class 13 – Perspective Revisited

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This was my second class in 2012. My second class in 2010 was about acrylic colors … where we spent a whole class making a color chart from 3 basic colors (red, yellow and blue) and white and/or water. Although I wouldn’t say I am a master at this, I wanted to just start in and paint! (more…)

Class 12 – Sketch Revisited

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Take Two! Yvonne and I took classes with Guy St. Goddard Sept-Dec/2010 and stopped after my father passed away Christmas 2010 morning. But, in Sept/2011 I started to do these speed painting videos, and really started liking the extra time on weekends to paint something. So, Yvonne signed me up for another 10 classes in 2012 with Guy St. Goddard once again!


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