HART Speed Painting – Take 011 – Tree Along Trans Canada Highway

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The Fall 2012 Art Classes, with Guy St. Godard are over. I’m not sure if I will take more classes, but I do know that I want to continue with my hobby painting.

I didn’t want to record my painting or the classes or do “extra homework” last fall during Art Class, but now that I am “on my own” I don’t see why I shouldn’t record my own painting of my own pictures! In fact, I have been itching to paint over the holidays! I just purchased a bunch of paint refills, a few new brushes and a very large easel and 22″ x 24″ canvas I hope to paint sometime soon. Meanwhile, I needed to practice once again with the 12″ x 16″ canvas size.

It’s Been Awhile

I bought a lot of paint refills, but I didn’t buy green. I wanted to, but forgot. However, you don’t need green to make green – just some yellow and blue mostly will get me there. I should warn, that with this picture I did tonight – I ran out of green and used a little for the grass, but when I went to mix green – I used purple instead with the yellow, and it didn’t really end up as green and I was too lazy to go get another plastic plate to try again, as I was in the middle of watching a movie while I paint! I did mix some green afterwards, and touched it up with some green – as you will see in the image below, but not during the filming.

The Inspiration – Tree Along Trans Canada Highway

Last year while driving back from Saskatchewan to Manitoba, along the Trans Canada Highway #1 .. there was a lone tree close to the highway – which, seemed quite odd. I took a picture and it has been my profile picture of my Google+ Account ever since! Please feel free to add me to your circle 😀 … and here is the image.


Here is my picture! 12″ x 16″ Canvas

This was painted on a canvas “canvas” instead of a canvas “board” like I normally do!


Here’s HART’s Speed Painting video – Take 011

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