Class 13 – Perspective Revisited

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This was my second class in 2012. My second class in 2010 was about acrylic colors … where we spent a whole class making a color chart from 3 basic colors (red, yellow and blue) and white and/or water. Although I wouldn’t say I am a master at this, I wanted to just start in and paint!

What I Wanted To Paint

I wanted to practice painting with – was a two point perspective we learned in the previous class. I was browsing the internet with my laptop (sorry can’t remember where I got this from) but, it seemed like an example or draft by some digital software or architect? and was impressed how the lines *actually* lead to two points.

But I was thinking .. I don’t want to copy that, and sometimes you don’t always see a straight line. “WHAT IF” the central straight line corner was actually a box or rectangle? Then I saw this image:

That was nice! I thought to myself that I could probably combine them somehow .. and then the more I visually tried to do that in my mind I kept thinking of the digital header I use on my ecommerce sites on my domain ….

So, my plan was to try to paint something in two point perspective, that can double as the new header for all my ecommerce sites!

This Is What I Painted

I’m glad I didn’t speed paint this. It took me half the class just to pencil in the basic design before I started painting, and I almost didn’t finish! In fact, I planned more shrubbery and a parking lot but didn’t have enough time, so I just added a few trees and painted the bottom half one basic color.

Things I’ve noticed:
– if you paint over light lines you can’t see the lines!
– if you draw dark lines you can still see them over the paint!
– OMG I can’t paint straight lines without a ruler! I need some sort of painting guideline
– it’s harder than it looks to paint inside the lines as well

Well .. here it is! What do you think?

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