Class 7 – Fun!

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I asked Yvonne how she would classify today’s class … and she immediately shouted out … Fun!

Callie joined us today and participated in her own Class #1 and made two sets of color charts … one for acrylic paints and another for oil painting. Hopefully I can convince her to discuss her progress with her oil painting and techniques!

Meanwhile, Yvonne ~finally~ finished her painting over the 3 classes .. including final touches at home after class. I am just kidding about the “~finally~” remark, because she takes her time and does a really *REALLY* good job! Where, I seem to be completing one painting per class in a speed-painting style. It has been mentioned that I have an “impressionistic” style of painting! I’ll go for that 😀

My painting was trying to get a combination of previous classes .. depth, horizon and shape. There is a rolling hill on the front and a valley and mountains in the background that gets hazier as it is further away in addition to sizing. I kind of got an idea how to do trees in the background now. I need to work on trees in the foreground, and -obviously- as you can tell on the right side … I need to work on my bushes.

Yvonne’s Painting Over Last Three Classes

Just for Comparison Only: HART’s same painting as above finished Last week!

HART’s New Painting Started and Completed Today

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