Class 8 – Recap

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It was Class #8 for Yvonne and Hartley and Class #2 for Callie ..

Today Yvonne did some final touch-up to her painting she ‘finished’ last week 😛 to give more depth … I rescanned it and show it below to show differences! It just goes to show that a painting may never be done and you can always improve it!

It was just the three of us in class, and all starting new painting … we decided to all do the same painting and incorporate everything we have learned (and for Callie to catch up). It started with sketching a picture – a barn – on sketch paper watching the lines for perspective and horizon and depth and detail.

Like a similar pattern .. I finished my painting and Callie and Yvonne are half way through their paintings – which has much more detail. For me, what I like best about my painting is the virbrant colors. I really took the time to mix the paint – although, add to my “things to do if I want to keep painting” is that I need to clean my brush more before changing colors!

YVONNE’s last painting – revised (top) – previous (bottom)

HART’s New Painting this week

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