HART Speed Painting – Take 005 – Purple Sunrise

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This was my fifth attempt at speed painting!

I ran out of canvases and wanted to pick up some up today at Artist Emporium. It turned out that my ‘membership’ card we joined while taking art classes with Guy St. Godard last year expires November 24th and I get an extra 20% discount on everything else! Canvases are 50% off if I purchase more than 5 (and you know I did!)

I was planning to replenish my acrylic paints today. Normally, besides white, I only use three colours .. yellow, blue and red. But, today I wanted to see how it would be to use entirely new colors. So, I purchased a crimson purple shade, and a metalic silver acrylic “heavy” paint and decided I wanted to paint a picture entirely with silver and purple! I added white in my mix, just in case I can come up with different shades of each.

My reflections of Purple and Silver Painting

I really liked the purple, because it’s my favorite colour and I have a hard time mixing yellow, red and white to get purple .. so, I will definitely add this to my mix of colours on future paintings! The metalic silver wasn’t a great idea, because I was hoping I could mix some variations of grey but it really didn’t mix well … Silver looked nice though for special times so, I will at least include it with my future paintings. I really had no problems making grey or black without silver however 🙂 You’ll see in the video, that I tended to like better turning my silver skies into a purple hazey silver sky for the most part.

Watch Me Paint This Picture!

Unfortunately, I forgot to remove some videos and pictures I had on my camera left from Saturday’s “Red Run 10k Race” in Selkirk Manitoba so, the video stopped at precisely 34min 20sec. I probably touched up the painting for another 2-3 minutes afterwards, but not really much difference from the final product. So, for this reasons I sped up the video 8 times to bring it down to just over the 4 minutes you see below!

What I was Trying To Paint!

Don’t go here!! unless you have a URL, you get locked in some type of ‘free offer’ mode, which could be malicious or spyware … and at minimum downright annoying! But, I did find it at the abduzeedo (dot) com site found on some link in my Google Buzz timeline. I remember scooping it when I saw it thinking “I can paint that!”.

My Final Painting 005

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