HART Speed Painting – Take 009 – Forbidden Fruit

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This was my ninth speed painting attempt (and I didn’t forget to start the video camera this time :D)

What This Painting Is All About

I bought some black acrylic paint the last time and wanted to utilize it. Although I also had shiny metalic silver paint (as seen here) I wanted to explore two primary colors – black and white – and make my own grey! I had no idea what to paint and didn’t look at a photograph, and it might seem evident that I was “practicing” again, making trees similar as I did in Take 008.

I must admit, that before I started painting, I did hope that I would paint more black and more white contrasts and not to mix grey at all, well, except for clouds .. but then I went ahead and made the whole background grey! Who saw that coming?!? lol

But, I like what I did. When I added the two car headlights in the background, coming towards the front of the picture on a muddy gravel road .. “Forbidden Fruit” popped in my head for some reason, and I imagined this could be a temporary viewpoint of the Garden of Eden. All I needed was some fruit! I didn’t know how to paint animals, or snakes just yet – so, I’ll let your imagination consider that the car *is* the snake, and probably Adam is driving this car, with Eve, and all coming to the trees of life to get some lunch .. some apples! I thought two apples were sufficient, and black apples didn’t seem right, so I added a 3rd color – red, and signed my initials and called this complete before I ruined it!!

Here is the video of me painting this picture

This picture took me 32 minutes to paint, on an 11″x14″ board canvas. I sped up the painting 3 times (x2 x2 x2= 8 times normal speed) to bring the video to a reasonable length for viewing.

Here is my final Painting

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