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HART Speed Painting – Take 012 – Ten Mile Lake

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This is my first painting of a larger size (22″ x 30″ canvas) in my new painting room on my new oversized easel!


HART Speed Painting – Take 011 – Tree Along Trans Canada Highway

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The Fall 2012 Art Classes, with Guy St. Godard are over. I’m not sure if I will take more classes, but I do know that I want to continue with my hobby painting.


The Amazing Balloon Race

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Well … Art Classes are over … I am knee deep in work …. I am training for the Fargo Marathon May long weekend … and I figured it was time for a little stress release … painting!!


HART Speed Painting – Take 010 – Happy Holidays 2011

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This was my tenth speed painting attempt …

What This Painting Is All About


HART Speed Painting – Take 009 – Forbidden Fruit

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This was my ninth speed painting attempt (and I didn’t forget to start the video camera this time :D) (more…)

HART Speed Painting – Take 008 – Tree’age

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This was my eighth speed painting attempt!

Before I continue, I apologize once again for not having a video for today’s speed painting. My camera’s batteries went dead in the middle of painting the initial white background (which ended up turning blue anyway). Because most of my painting was done after the camera went dead, I just deleted the .AVI file. I didn’t notice this until after the painting was complete as I was watching TV while I paint! (more…)

HART Speed Painting – Take 007 – He Did The Mash

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This was my seventh speed painting attempt!

Take 006 was supposed to be my practice doing clouds, but you can see how that went [~not~] 🙂


HART Speed Painting – Take 006 – Cloudy Day

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This was my sixth speed painting attempt!

I was excited at first, because I put a “Shout Out” to my facebook friends a ‘readers’ choice’ offer, where I would paint the first image a reader might suggest to me. Sadly, I either have no friends, no one saw the post on my facebook wall and their timeline, or nobody could think of something for me to paint 🙁


HART Speed Painting – Take 005 – Purple Sunrise

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This was my fifth attempt at speed painting!

I ran out of canvases and wanted to pick up some up today at Artist Emporium. It turned out that my ‘membership’ card we joined while taking art classes with Guy St. Godard last year expires November 24th and I get an extra 20% discount on everything else! Canvases are 50% off if I purchase more than 5 (and you know I did!)


HART Speed Painting – Take 004 – Sophie In Space

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This was my fourth attempt at speed painting … but, I really blew it this time!


HART Speed Painting – Take 003 – Sunrise at Black Lake

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This is my third attempt at speed painting!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner party at my mom’s place, and I was browsing one of the gabillions of pictures taken and stored on my cousin Jame’s iPad2, when I saw an interesting folder. I call this picture “James’ Choice” because, I asked him to pick out a picture that was nice enough for me to paint, and simple enough for me to paint – or, rather speed paint. And, this is what he emailed me at the time! A sunrise picture on Black Lake, Ontario, where he and his buddies went fishing one time. At least I think that’s where this picture is. Hmm. It could be a sunset, or even just a picture of some sunlight breaking through the trees!


HART Speed Painting – Take 002 – Upside Down Picture

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This is my second attempt at speed painting!

After “take 001” I was browsing some pictures of our cottage that I have been taking over the years, found one .. and then printed it. But, when I printed it, I actually liked the picture upside down better! The rolling clouds looked great as the lake part of the picture, and the blue water looked great as the sky! So, this was my intention all along – to paint this picture upside down!