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Class 27 – Lac La Ronge

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Lac la Ronge is a glacial lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is the fifth largest lake in the province, approximately 250 kilometres north of Prince Albert, on the edge of the Canadian Shield, and also the inspiration for this week’s painting! (more…)

Class 26 – Tulabi Falls

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Today’s picture was all about Tulabi Falls, Nopiming Provincial Park, in Manitoba. Tulabi Falls drains into Bird River which hooks up and basically besides Bird Lake – which my Class 25 water exercise painting was all about.


Class 25 – Bird Lake – Water Exercise

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I missed last week class and was itching to paint!

Painting Water


Class 24 – Water Colour Technique Do-Over and The Pear Tree

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As I mentioned in my previous Class 23 post, last week’s exercise was to try to mimic water colour techniques using acrylic paint. We were to take the top half (sky) of one picture used in the last class along with the bottom half (rolling hills) of another picture. I only brought canvas boards to art class last week and was unable to do this technique at all, so I ended up doing the entire first picture top and bottom. (more…)

Class 23 – Sketch and the Water Colour Technique using Acrylic Paints

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In our second art class, Guy St. Godard wanted us to experience two things. (more…)

Class 22 – Water Colour Chart

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Guy St. Godard emailed me a few weeks back noting that he still had openings for his Thursday Afternoon art class, and wondered if I wanted to fill a slot. My last class was in March 2012 and since then I have only painted one painting, so it was a no brainer for me … I’m in! (more…)

Class 21 – Pelicans In Water

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Today … was the final class for this year’s 2012 Ten Classes with Guy St. Godard, which was my wife’s Christmas 2011 present to me – and, my 21st class overall since fall 2010.


Class 20 – Spruce Trees Spruce Trees

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Today, before I even had an idea what to paint, I figured I would probably finish painting two pictures today. Bur, rather than start two different pictures … I wanted to expand on my “Tree’age” theme (where I painted three 8″x 8″ canvas boards side by side) and this time paint two 12″x 16″ canvas boards side by side!


Class 19 – Lightning Strike and The Shot

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I was wondering if I wanted to paint some birch trees this week, or go through my arsenal of pictures I thought would be cool to paint that I keep in my suitcase. I chose the latter!


Class 18 – Tornado Watch

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Class 17 was two weeks ago. I took last week off to help give me more time to complete tasks required for my offline ‘day’ job (which, I can’t quit yet :D). I felt rusty, tired, and quite honestly .. not in the mood to paint!


Class 17 – S. S. HARTLEY

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The object of today’s art class .. was, well – to include an object in a scenery scene! This is the picture a few of us would be painting or sketching: (more…)

Class 16 – Rock Peninsula and the HART-ness Monster

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Today – the plan was to paint a new picture from scratch – and paint from a picture, not from a sketch or image in front of us, like the petunias in water sketch of class 14 and class 15.