HART Speed Painting – Take 012 – Ten Mile Lake

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This is my first painting of a larger size (22″ x 30″ canvas) in my new painting room on my new oversized easel!

It is a picture of Ten Mile Lake, somewhere in the Provincial Park north of Quesnel, B.C. taken by my cousin Karen Holmes Photography.

Here is my inspiration


Here is my Speed Painting Video

I apologize for the messy video. This larger canvas took me MUCH longer to paint, than my normal speed paintings … over 2 hours! By the time I finished, I had to speed up the video by 64x’s to get to a reasonable length to watch. Next time, I think I will just take snap pictures every 5 minutes and see how that works!

Here is my painting!

HART Speed Painting - Take 012 - Ten Mile Lake

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