Class 27 – Lac La Ronge

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Lac la Ronge is a glacial lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is the fifth largest lake in the province, approximately 250 kilometres north of Prince Albert, on the edge of the Canadian Shield, and also the inspiration for this week’s painting!

Chosen Technique

There were many interesting elements in the “Lac La Ronge” photograph, taken by Guy St. Godard – not unlike many of my recent pictures that I’ve attempted to paint. But I’m more of an abstract painter and there was definitely a “close-up”ness of the forefront trees and red rock ground. In order to paint this I thought I would try to “paint this like a 5-year old” in honour of Halloween last night, where we saw many 5-year olds trick-or-treating at our front door! To do this, I started with very light colours and while I did draft in pencil a general guideline, I would paint about one inch outside my lines in a very sporatic manor looking like .. a finger painting! It came to a point where I had sooo much vague images and colours on my 12″x16″ canvas board “board” that I eventually had to put another layer on top. With each layer I created more detail so even my abstract (out of focus) parts would eventually become in focus. It was nice seeing light purple and yellow and whites and lime greens for trees, then covered with browns and blues and back to greens and lime greens and eventually light white snow on the branches!

Oh – but, that didn’t stop me from going past that “point where I should have stopped painting”~ (HART’s trademark?) I had some nice rocks on the bottom 1/3 of the painting, but to honour the “Lac La Ronge” name I decided to add some RED paint and before you knew it … a big mess! I then pulled out my spatula instead of a paint brush and changed it into a lighter white’ish cliff rocks before the trees and lake .. and then the snow on the tree branches made sense! At least, it made sense to me 😀

Here’s The Photograph of Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan – The Inspiration

Here’s My Painting – Lac La Ronge – 12″ x 16″ Canvas “Board” Board

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