Class 19 – Lightning Strike and The Shot

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I was wondering if I wanted to paint some birch trees this week, or go through my arsenal of pictures I thought would be cool to paint that I keep in my suitcase. I chose the latter!

I wanted to paint a combination of two pictures:

(1) a nice fluffy cloud (taken by me outside my condo one day in July 2009) and
(2) a nice lightning pictures like those seen September 13, 2011 in Las Vegas (taken by Ethan Miller for Getty Images)

Lightning Strike (painting #1)

The plan was to place the fluffy cloud at the top of the lightning storm, and instead of Las Vegas have some graveyard. Well, I thought I would try to paint a city anyway at the bottom of the painting and if it didn’t turn out I would just try a graveyard. Fortunately for me, it was half and half and I decided to just add a gravestone anyway R.I.P.

The Shot

I had about 30 minutes left in art class, so I decided to paint another picture. Both pictures are 12″ x 16″ but the first was on stretched canvas and I wanted to do the second on canvas board. I spent about 10 minutes getting the sky colours the way I wanted but, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to paint. Rather than trees, I opted for a basketball court. I decided to paint a basketball going into one of the baskets, but soon realized that it didn’t look that good without somebody throwing that ball. Then, after coming up with my “stickman” drawing .. I felt I had to divert one’s attention to the top scoreboard …

“… last second to play in the game … tied zero zero …. he shoots … and ….!!”

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