Class 16 – Rock Peninsula and the HART-ness Monster

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Today – the plan was to paint a new picture from scratch – and paint from a picture, not from a sketch or image in front of us, like the petunias in water sketch of class 14 and class 15.

Here is the picture that we were supposed to paint!

How Did I Do?

Well, besides the obvious … “I did greaaaaaat!” …. it was also obvious that I am not the most detail painter in the class. In fact, while most were still working on the rock details or the lake details in design and color … I managed to finish painting my picture with at least 35 minutes before class was over! This included the time to add minor stuff to my painting, like … the jet airliner in the top right with the racing smoke behind it, and almost crashing into that flock of birds!!

Painting #1 – “Rock Peninsula”

I call this “Rock Peninsula” because although the exercise really was supposed to paint a rocky shore jetting out into a lake, with some trees on it … I think it looks like a rocky shore pensinsula getting out into the lake!~ It was painted on a 12″x16″ board canvas in just under 2 hours.

Painting #2 – “HART-Ness Monster”

I painted the following in 19 minutes, including it took the time to take the board out of its plastic wrapper, mostly to kill time and use up the remaining acrylic paint I still had after painting the first one above!

I used three techniques ….

1) wet background for sky of different colors and mesh it all together!
2) bottom half was painted with a 2″ fan brush only
3) top half including water was painted with metal spatula tool only (as seen on my Speed Painting video “he did the mash”)

I thought the blue lake needed the Loch Ness Monster, which I just call the HART-Ness Monster. It was painted on a smaller 11″x14″ canvas board.

When I showed it to my art class teacher and my wife, their reactions to the top half of the painting was closely the same …. “ehh … it’s okay, although I’ve seen that before” .. where, they both liked how the bottom turned out and seems vibrant in person 😀

Here is the second painting I did in class.

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