Class 15 – HoarFrost and the Night Owl

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Mostly everybody in the class was finishing up last week’s challenge to sketch and paint a bowl of petunias. I didn’t sketch last week, and just went ahead and painted my Petunias in one sitting … so, I pretty much was able to paint what I want.

Today I didn’t really know what I wanted to paint, but driving to class down a low traffic residential area really painted the seed in my idea. Winnipeg broke a record this year … breaking 7 consecutive months since May 2011 with monthly average temperatures over 0c! Today it was also around 0c to -9c and our trees are covered with hoarfrost.

My Inspiration

Here are a few pictures I took the day before my painting class while out for a walk.

What I Painted

I thought the other artists in the class was very flattering, as they saw the creativity that I possess – I mean, I must have changed the general design of this painting five times! PLUS I managed to finish within the class time. Although, to be honest I probably could have used another half hour but, I decided to call it “done” and place my initials on the pic!

So – what do you think it is?

Honestly, my first attempt had a really nice hazy blue/silvery sky .. and I was trying to draw some take of the picture above, looking down some abandoned residential street with lots of spruce or pine trees covered with hoarfrost. But, the hoarfrost never turned out, and my street never turned out either. I ended up turning into a night scene, hopefully that the hoarfrost would stick out more. Then, my road didn’t seem too realistic so I decided to add some depth and added a curb along side. But, as I started to use my fan brush, it looked more like a ledge – so, I made it prominent and then it hit me… The bottom could be a skating rink in the forest! I painted the road silver, added a blue line, and a hockey net and some “stick” kids playing hockey but I BOMBED on the net. So, I repainted silver over the ice and stick kids. The net, almost looked like a secret entrance or garage door to an underground lair or evil empire of some James Bond Villain so, I thought I would go with that.

Well, the yellow door knobs – which, was supposed to add a splash of color, ended up looking like eyes and I was thinking to myself .. Hmmm that could be an owl. Guy St. Goddard (the art teacher) walked by and said .. a night owl? So I went ahead and did that! But, we were running out of time and it … well, what do you think? I showed a few other people and they thought maybe it was a snowy highway and that is the back of a semi truck in the distance in front of you. But, I stand by what I painted, and still had fun and even learned a few things … painting hoarfrost!

My Picture

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