HART Speed Painting – Take 010 – Happy Holidays 2011

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This was my tenth speed painting attempt …

What This Painting Is All About

Nothing unusual, in the sense that what I painted was totally NOT what I wanted to paint! oops 😀 lol …

I was quite impressed with Len’s sunset photo ..

I wanted to try something with that brighter lightness in the center of a painting. Then, while reviewing old photo scripts I have online I saw another image that also intrigued me.

I liked the purple sky and that highway kind of reminded me of my “Forbidden Fruit” Speed Painting.

Well, something horrible happened and it started to look nothing like either painting and I just figured where the highway was I would just put a Christmas Tree in its place. In reflection, I probably should have added more white around the outer edges to give it more perspective and 3D effect … Oh well!

Happy New Year everybody!

Here’s The Final Picture

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