HART Speed Painting – Take 007 – He Did The Mash

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This was my seventh speed painting attempt!

Take 006 was supposed to be my practice doing clouds, but you can see how that went [~not~] 🙂

For this attempt, I did not have any pictures close at hand and tried to do everything “from the HART” by memory or inspiration. But, I wanted to practice more on clouds. It was my first intention, to just practice making a big fluffy cloud in the blue sky, but it seemed boring and I just don’t feel that I am really a good “cloud” painter! So, I thought I would practice painting trees, because next to clouds .. I am not that good at painting trees! So, I started to paint some trees. Trees on the side, trees at the bottom .. ugh ..not what I expected.

So, I was using a lot of paint brushes and noticed that pointy metal thing to mix paint with, and remember watching some old Bob Ross TV shows or where he used to use those to paint mountains. Now, I have never painted mountains before, but I thought geesh .. there’s that whole wide open space in the left center … I’ll try mountains! Well, after I painted the mountains, it needed some clouds along it, a river, some birds, maybe a forest fire or fall leaves on a tree and maybe even a fish jumping out of the river (okay, that might be pushing it a little too far I thought) … so I just signed my initials and ended this fiasco!

LOL! It took me 50min:13sec to paint this “MASH” of exercises that I wanted to practice on … and there you have it … my title – “He Did The Mash!”

My Reflections Of “He Did The Mash” Painting

Wow. Did I really paint that? That tool to help paint the mountain was interesting. I did one major thing different than all previous “takes” which, is the reason it took over 50 minutes to paint this one … I paused the camera 3 times during the middle of the painting, to let the paint dry! Most of the other videos, although I like the ending of each very much how they turned out … it is almost as if sometime around the 3 minute mark or so over the mid-point while painting, that I accidentally moosh some wet paint over something I didn’t want to do, and make the painting worse, or take a while to get it back on course again! This time, I let paint dry slightly before using the thick paint brush to meld/swish or places where I knew I was going to paint over existing colors. It’s worth the 5-10 minute wait with acrylic paint, as it dries pretty fast!

Enjoy the video!

Final Image of what I painted

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