HART Speed Painting – Take 006 – Cloudy Day

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This was my sixth speed painting attempt!

I was excited at first, because I put a “Shout Out” to my facebook friends a ‘readers’ choice’ offer, where I would paint the first image a reader might suggest to me. Sadly, I either have no friends, no one saw the post on my facebook wall and their timeline, or nobody could think of something for me to paint 🙁

I do feel that I am quite weak on painting clouds and trees – so, I flipped a coin and decided to do a painting of clouds!

My Reflections Of “Cloudy Day” Painting”

Okay okay okay .. I admit it .. I need more practice on painting clouds 🙂 I know what I started to paint didn’t really look like clouds, but I think I eventually got there, in my style of painting! The bottom brown things at the edge of the wheat field (or whatever you think that is lol) was supposed to be a row of trees in the distance, but as I was painting them, I decided they should be some sort of barbed wire fencing!

Also, whenever I look at clouds I can see some sort of image in there, if I squint long enough. I tried squinting while I was finishing off this painting and (call HART crazy) tried to insert THREE (3) faces inside the clouds! Do you see them? [HINT: you can only see one on the scanned picture as two are cut off near the top]

Because this was a much larger canvas, (14″x18″) it took me longer to speed paint this picture. In fact, it took me exactly 49min:53sec to complete! To speed it down to a reasonable time on YouTube I sped it up three times or rather 8x’s normal speed ((normalx2)x2)x2) and hope you enjoy this.

Here’s What I Painted!

I painted it on the only remaining 14″x18″ canvas I had. Unfortunately, my Brothers MVC-6490CW all-in-one printer/scanner could max out at 11″x17″ so the scan isn’t complete. It is missing about 3″ off the top and about 1″ off the right side. I took a camera picture of the full image, but as you can see the scan image is much brighter and more realistic of the colours you see if in person.

Scan Image (11″x”17″)

Camera Image (14″x18″)

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