HART Speed Painting – Take 003 – Sunrise at Black Lake

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This is my third attempt at speed painting!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner party at my mom’s place, and I was browsing one of the gabillions of pictures taken and stored on my cousin Jame’s iPad2, when I saw an interesting folder. I call this picture “James’ Choice” because, I asked him to pick out a picture that was nice enough for me to paint, and simple enough for me to paint – or, rather speed paint. And, this is what he emailed me at the time! A sunrise picture on Black Lake, Ontario, where he and his buddies went fishing one time. At least I think that’s where this picture is. Hmm. It could be a sunset, or even just a picture of some sunlight breaking through the trees!

Well, the entire video took me 31 minutes to record this time (longer than any of my first two speed painting quests). Where I wasn’t painting, I sped up the video 6 times and then when I started to paint I sped it up 2 times. However, the video was almost 15 minutes long during my first run, so I ended up speeding up all my painting time twice (4x’s speed) to shorten the video to about half, or 8 minutes in length. I figured … who’s gonna watch these damn videos if it’s too long and puts everybody to sleep, eh?!

Here’s The Video

I had two goals with this video … (1) first try to use more than one brush and (2) try not to make a mess. I painted this in our back room and was watching a vampire spoof movie “SUCK” (with Alice Cooper, Jessica Pare, Dave Foley, Iggy Pop, etc). I didn’t really like painting in this room, because the light was behind me, and every time I moved in to paint, a shadow came across the canvas. You probably can notice it in this video. Also, in this video I noticed that my software converts everything to a .wmv format, and not that high quality. The original 31 minute video isn’t as grainy as this final YouTube version – I’ll try to work on improving that in Take 004 😀

Here’s My Final Painting

Here’s James’ Choice (aka my inspiration)

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