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HART Speed Painting – Take 004 – Sophie In Space

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This was my fourth attempt at speed painting … but, I really blew it this time!


HART Speed Painting – Take 003 – Sunrise at Black Lake

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This is my third attempt at speed painting!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner party at my mom’s place, and I was browsing one of the gabillions of pictures taken and stored on my cousin Jame’s iPad2, when I saw an interesting folder. I call this picture “James’ Choice” because, I asked him to pick out a picture that was nice enough for me to paint, and simple enough for me to paint – or, rather speed paint. And, this is what he emailed me at the time! A sunrise picture on Black Lake, Ontario, where he and his buddies went fishing one time. At least I think that’s where this picture is. Hmm. It could be a sunset, or even just a picture of some sunlight breaking through the trees!


HART Speed Painting – Take 002 – Upside Down Picture

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This is my second attempt at speed painting!

After “take 001” I was browsing some pictures of our cottage that I have been taking over the years, found one .. and then printed it. But, when I printed it, I actually liked the picture upside down better! The rolling clouds looked great as the lake part of the picture, and the blue water looked great as the sky! So, this was my intention all along – to paint this picture upside down!