HART’s Victoria Beach Experiment

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There is no art class today, on account of the Manitoba Art Expo 2010 and our teacher participating there with a booth!

So … today … I will start a new painting – and take my time (translation: more than 2 hours) to see if I’m capable of better quality // scratch that // to see if I’m capable of being more detailed than impressionistic in my approach. I don’t want to say that my other paintings are of “lessor” quality .. but of a different style. HART’s ART is for the beholder 😛

This is the painting I will be doing

If you are familiar with Victoria Beach, let me know if you recognize where I took this image!

UPDATE! two hours later …

Here is my initial progress

This is a partial scan, because the canvas I’m using is 16″x20″ and my scanner can only scan 11″x17″ in size. Following is the full version I took with my camera, although it is not as vibrant in colors.

I have not signed this as a finished painting product, and hope to add to this painting next week, during art class!

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