Class 10 – Snowflakes

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In today’s class, we wanted to add snowflakes to our pictures … and, of course – we needed a winter scene to toss them on!

Both Yvonne and Myself were working on the same picture .. but, this time we painted on 8″ x 10″ smaller canvas. Me, being the speed painter I am afterwards tried to replicate my version of the image on an even smaller 4″ x 6″ canvas. It was quite a challenge! Honestly? I don’t know if I could do it any more detailed as Yvonne’s style, in the same or longer time frame. Yvonne liked the 8×10 canvas size because she was able to finish it properly enough to sign it, in just one class!

Here’s HART’s version of today’s picture (8in x 10in)

Here’s HART’s Version of today’s picture (4in x 6in)

Here’s YVONNE’s version of today’s picture (8in x 10in)

(how it should have looked like :D)

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