Class 6 – Depth

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Our first five classes on Friday afternoons were over, and we renewed for another five classes – to be continued on Saturday mornings.

Today I finished two paintings. The first one was the one I started last time (class 5 perspective) and another for today exercise. Perspective is interesting if you keep an eye and focus on where the horizon is – outside both directions of the actual painting .. and watch your lines. I think I did that (with the help of Guy) extrapolating the horizon and also pointing out obvious shadows implied in the picture.

We all started in class to draw/paint a picture which I referred to as “depth” with our acrylic/watercolor paint/pencils etc. The picture has a very colorful cloudy sky with rolling hills, and valley with the tree clusters on the left side and on the horizon in the distance within the picture. That darker part blue in the center of my picture is a valley by the way 😛 and not the ocean. Or, maybe it is the ocean! All in the eye of the beholder 😀

Yvonne painting will be completed next week!

HART’s Painting over Last Two classes

HART’s Painting This Week

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