Class 2 – Colors

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We’re taking an acrylic painting art class … and although sketching and depth and shadows and all that is needed in order to paint anything … you first need to know the concept:

With 3 acrylic paint colors … and water … and White color .. you can make any color!

– Red
– Yellow
– Blue

– White
– Water

To get a feel of how paint colors mix … we worked on making a color chart. This is basically squares of different colors mixed with the 3 colors above: red on the left side, yellow in the center and blue on the right side.

Going across the column, you would mix the red with a little bit of yellow to get maybe a brown shade, then add more yellow and less red to get maybe an orange shade. On the right of yellow with a little blue you might get lime color, green color, and so on. Going down the column we would add more water to our brush and paint to make the red colour thinner and lighter color and even more lighter as we add more water .. which, is repeated for each column of shades of color.

Afterwards .. instead of using water to mix colors and thinning the paint color, we used white color. You can definitely tell the difference on both mine and Yvonne’s color charts.

Yvonne’s Color Chart

HART’s Color Chart

Very interesting! I’m used to Adobe Photoshop and other online for color codes 😀

I had a few extra moments before class was over, and thought I would try a “landscape” painting – before Guy actually showed us how. It’s quite funny I think, because I did have a picture in front of me and after painting it .. felt that this picture needed a pumkin in there:

(hopefully I will get better .. what was I thinking! 😀 But it was fun painting that!)

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