HART Speed Painting – Take 008 – Tree’age

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This was my eighth speed painting attempt!

Before I continue, I apologize once again for not having a video for today’s speed painting. My camera’s batteries went dead in the middle of painting the initial white background (which ended up turning blue anyway). Because most of my painting was done after the camera went dead, I just deleted the .AVI file. I didn’t notice this until after the painting was complete as I was watching TV while I paint!

What This Painting Is All About!

I ran out of yellow and blue acrylic paint and went to stock up at the Art Supplies store and pick up a few 12″x”16″ canvas boards. But, all they had were these large 22″x28″ boards, which I actually purchased along with the paints. But, before I left the parking lot, I remembered that my scanner only goes as big as 11″x”17″ and decided to exchange. They had different sized canvas stretched out on those prefab frames, but I prefer the canvas boards and the next smallest size were the 8″x8″. I thought .. hey! I could paint one picture, on three canvases and have a “triage” of paintings! And, since I needed to practice on painting trees .. up came my brilliant name for these … “Tree’age” !! (triage? tree’age? get it?? ~*sigh*~ // yeah .. I know~ )

This morning, for the first time since I started to paint .. I actually did a google search to find out how to paint trees and clouds in acrylic painting. And I found a pretty cool site with free exercise lessons! Len Hend – Master Artist and his Painting Lessons Site. Check him out! Although, don’t blame him if my trees don’t look up to par or anything like Len’s trees …it’s only a starting point, and I don’t want to be too influenced by painting videos. Mind you, I was always a fan of Bob Ross back in the ’90’s and used to enjoy watching those painting shows – much before YouTube time.

Here Are My Final Paintings

They go together – so, I’ll show you the images from my camera first, then the scanned images. Then, I’ll use HTML to put the scanned images side by side. You will see a new addition to my painting supplies … those red rubber placemats! They help hold the canvas board from moving 😀

Side By Side – flush together

Side By Side – with spacers

Left Side


Right Side

All Together Now!

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