HART Speed Painting – Take 004 – Sophie In Space

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This was my fourth attempt at speed painting … but, I really blew it this time!

I had everything ready to go to paint during the Amazing Race show Sunday night, and when I started I pointed the camera, got in focus, clicked start .. and started to paint!

Unfortunately, the camera was set to PICTURES (not VIDEO) so, all I did was take a picture of a blank canvas. Today there is no video of me speed painting this week, because I wasn’t paying attention and never looked at the camera until I finished the painting!

Here’s what I was trying to paint

I somehow had a picture of the Earth in my mind – from the Space Station view in outer space – and a picture of my dog Sophie hovering over the Earth like in the way the movie 2001 ended “overseeing everything” in front of a new dawn and sunrise. I had a few pictures of Sophie printed out, and most of them looked like this in some similar way …

The canvas itself was smaller than my first three attempts, as it was an 8″ x 10″ in size. This was harder to paint because it kept moving on my table while I was painting, and it was really too small to be safely secured in my easel. I ended up just painting it on the table, holding it mostly while I paint in my hand.




Here’s What I Painted

Yep. [A] + [B] = [C] = this! 😀

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