HART Speed Painting – Take 002 – Upside Down Picture

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This is my second attempt at speed painting!

After “take 001” I was browsing some pictures of our cottage that I have been taking over the years, found one .. and then printed it. But, when I printed it, I actually liked the picture upside down better! The rolling clouds looked great as the lake part of the picture, and the blue water looked great as the sky! So, this was my intention all along – to paint this picture upside down!

Well, the entire picture took me 28:46 to set up and paint, and I ended up liking the picture in its original format. The picture is a view from our cottage porch at Victoria Beach, looking out towards the Hillside Beach side of the bay.

Here’s The Video

I had two goals with this painting. Firstly, to try and paint using an Easel that I had bought, in the hopes that I wouldn’t make a mess of my portable assistant table I was using, because the paint doesn’t wash off too well! Secondly, I just wanted to paint using one thick brush so there was less clean up! 😀 I might have been distracted watching PVR episode of Top Chef Desserts, and coincidentally ended my painting with the end of watching the show! Some day in the future I’ll have to try this without the TV on, and without any time limits and see what I can come up!

Enjoy 😀

Final Painting

Here’s The Image I Was Painting

“The Original” (what I ended up painting)

“Upside Down” (what I started to paint :D)

(neat, eh?)

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